Mingtu Wood Industy Co., Ltd. Is a wellknown veneer supply company in the field. We have solid and good relationship with reconstitued and natural veneer manufacturer. The reliable source of supplies enable Mingtu to provide better quality, good price for our existing customers and further develop....【MORE+】
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Long term & stable co-operate with different supplier and agent
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10 Advantages of Mingtu Product
  • Eco friendly
  • Anti-bugs
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-moisture
  • Fire-retardent
  • Non-crack
  • Safe standard
  • Durable
  • Easy install
  • Recycle usable
why many customer choose Mingtu Product
Our principal to provide more varity for selection and sold at lower profit margin to gain the trust of customers
mingtu strength
we provided more varity for selection
our range of white oak,ebony,walnut,cherry,maple,rosewood,zebra and teak are in different series,and the price is reasonable.
Our product are more unique and reliable
The famous wood veneer and natural veneer distributed by the famous wood industry are popular in the consumer market, and have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many merchants.
Quantity aspects
we provide fast delivery
Worked with reputable logestic company to ensure on-time delivery, to provide better service and met with customer's requirement. 
price comparision
we Quality assurance
our quality is the best,you got what you paid for,Double check when goods leave our warehouse.
prouduct aspects
we serve you better
Accumulating years of trade experience, we care about your requirement and concern. The right way to choose Mingtu service.
Same industry
Pattern and color are more impresive
Richer colors
After many years in the business, we have good relationship with supplier and wholesaler to ensure the best quality and service that provide to our customers.
our staff on-line will answer your question right the way
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